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Jazz Funeral for Helen Hill
February 24th, 2007 under ChristianWalk, crime, NewOrleans, Peace, Social Issues, violence. [ Comments: 5 ]

DSC06477 Shirley and I went to the Jazz Funeral for Helen Hill today. Take a look at the pics here. It was very inspiring. Thanks Jason for the encouragement yesterday, but my birthday has really hit me hard this year. I never met Helen, but when people who knew her speak about her you know how special she was.

I’m seriously considering my legacy right now. I don’t expect a huge jazz funeral, but I want folks to speak about me as someone who loved God and tried to make a positive impact on the world.

I’ll have to admit that Seminary seemed to side-track me. Usually Seminary is supposed to prepare you to grow spiritually and care for others. In my case…not so much. I’ve got to get that behind me though and find a place where I can grow and serve. A place where I can show others how much they are loved. I saw a cool bumper sticker today. Take a look:

Birthdays Suck
February 23rd, 2007 under Holidaze. [ Comments: 1 ]

chloe.jpgMan, there’s a certain age, and I’ve reached it, when birthdays become a real pain. When I reached forty, I went, “Man, I’m going to be old soon.” Those were the good old days! At least now when I wake up early feeling old it’s because I am.

Crazy Christians
February 22nd, 2007 under ChristianWalk, Mardi Gras. [ Comments: none ]

cath.jpgI got really ticked off in front of St Louis Cathedral Mardi Gras day. Before I get accused of being inconsistent, let me again say that I am for freedom of speech.

I am against persons posing as Christians and offending people in public. I stayed away from this group because I heard one of the psychos tell a man that he was a bad father for bringing his kids to Mardi Gras.

Feel free to protest against anyone you want, but don’t go around condemning folks in the name of Christ. There’s just no basis for it. The only persons that Jesus openly condemned were religious hypocrites.

It’s amazing that as my wife, daughter, and I sat on a park bench yards away from these jerks, a homeless guy was talking to a chaplain about the group in question. My wife and I marvelled at the homeless guy’s theology. He was dead on. He seemed to feel sorry for the guys. I didn’t. I was ticked. He kept saying that Jesus would never take the side of power. He always led by example and showed love not hate.

AMEN brother.

Reflections on Mardi Gras
February 21st, 2007 under Mardi Gras, NewOrleans. [ Comments: 2 ]

Krewe du Vieux 2007Overall, Mardi Gras was very fun this year. We kicked it off with Krewe du Vieux, which was great! I don’t remember last year very well, but that’s another story… I think it’s the best way to start Mardi Gras. It gets you in the mood for the real focus of Mardi Gras which is to have fun and laugh at who we are.

DSC06155Barkus was better this year than last year. Even though the theme really didn’t lend itself to a lot of creative costumes, Chloe was fenced in the float this year so we didn’t have to worry about her spazzing out. We had cool bowling shirts and a great breakfast at Keith and Jeff’s as usual. It was difficult because my friend Michael has been dealing with his father’s illness and death, but being with him and his family was very special.

Mardi Gras 2007Sunday, Shirley, Shirley Jr, and I spent all day at Lee’s Circle with the Homans (minus Michael) and Keith and Jeff. We had plenty of food and chairs so we sat and talked and napped in between the parades. I took a lot of pictures of Mid-City for Michael. My brother was in Bacchus so we stayed for that. It was a huge disappointment. We will probably see KDV, Muses, and Cleopatra next year and skip all the other night parades. We have so much more fun during the day. Plus it’s kind of frustrating when you’ve staked out a spot for 12 hours and then some knuckleheads push their way in after it gets dark.

Bailey Takes the Stage!Monday was spent on laundry and packing up beads for Barkus next year. We’re going to have a lot more than we did this year. Tuesday was perfect except that Michael wasn’t with us. We went to the quarter, ate beignets at Café Du Monde (didn’t see Minnie Driver this year), and then went on to Zulu. After Zulu, we went through the Quarter, stopped at the stage across from Jackson Square so that Shirley Jr could dance in front of the huge crowd! and rode the ferry back to the Westbank and took the Homans home. Not too busy, not too stressful, and we didn’t go to work too tired today.Ferry Ride

Thinking about what I’ll give up for Lent….

701 Is not a Type of Blue Jean
February 17th, 2007 under crime, NewOrleans. [ Comments: none ]

Thanks to Donnie McDaniel over at The Katrinacrat Blog, New Orleanians know that 701 is serious business. 701 refers to Article 701 of the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure that states that no one can be held longer than 60 days on a felony arrest without an indictment.

In 2006, about 3000 prisoners were released without having a trial. Last month, 580 people escaped legal custody of either jail or a bond obligation only because prosecutors couldn’t pull together a case ahead of the deadline imposed by law.

I appreciate Donnie pointing this issue out in the blog. So many of us missed this important information about why so many criminals in New Orleans continue to be arrested and released.

Strap It On for the Big Weekend!
February 16th, 2007 under crime, Mardi Gras, NewOrleans, violence. [ Comments: none ]

vestThere’s a huge weekend ahead for New Orleans! Mardi Gras? Yeah, but there’s something bigger. If I had the money, this would be my costume this weekend.

According to the TP: Orleans Parish prosecutors have given up trying to charge a first-degree murder suspect from its batch of 47 homicide cases from 2006, blaming witness problems and a lack of physical evidence.

47 homicide cases! How many homicides did we have last year? Wow, great job folks! Thanks Eddie! I look forward to hunkering down and staying at home this weekend.

“District Attorney Eddie Jordan’s office dumped the case because the surviving victim couldn’t or wouldn’t identify anyone as the perpetrator, his spokesman Dalton Savwoir said.”

I wonder why? I bet the victim will either retaliate or be killed this weekend. But then again, why does it matter (other than another tragic murder) whoever does the killing won’t pay for it any way.

New Orleans Tornado Damage Pics
February 13th, 2007 under NewOrleans. [ Comments: 6 ]

New Orleans Tornado Damage: McNair School
New Orleans Tornado Damage
New Orleans Tornado Damage
New Orleans Tornado Damage
More pics can be found here.

This is the Carrollton Neigborhood.

Breast Cancer Society of Canada Rejects Donation from Strippers
February 12th, 2007 under Cancer, Social Issues. [ Comments: 2 ]

Former dancer Trina Ricketts said the society sent her an e-mail declining the money this year, because its major donors did not support a connection to exotic dancers.

She says the society has taken the group’s contributions in the past.

“I really feel that it’s a strong indication of the degree of the stigma that exotic dancers experience when an organization doesn’t even want to be associated with them for fear of experiencing the same stigma.”

Gee, wonder why?

Ricketts said her group is still looking for a cancer charity that will accept a donation.

Is there a Prostate Cancer Society in Canada? 

Lost Mayor! Our Barkus Poster
February 11th, 2007 under Humor, Katrina, Mardi Gras, NewOrleans. [ Comments: none ]

C Ray-poster

We put this poster on our Barkus float this year. We had a great time even though the theme was pretty lame. This was on the other side of our float:

Poster for Barkus

You can see all of my Barkus pics here.

Louisiana Road Home Program: STOP COMPLAINING!
February 10th, 2007 under Katrina, NewOrleans, Recovery. [ Comments: 3 ]

Road HomeThis week I went to a Case Management Training session. There was a representative from Blanco’s Road Home Program there to explain how the program works. During the session, one of the participants asked her about the progress of the program. The representative got a bit testy and began to explain that the program in Mississippi wasn’t giving out much money either.

She then bashed New Orleans television stations and newspaper and said that the major problem in Louisiana is that all these folks are complaining about the program. She explained that Louisiana asked for over $200 Billion and ended up with only $10 Billion. She warned that we’d never get any more if those in Washington keep hearing bad things about the program.

There it is…quit bitching about our incompetence or you’ll get screwed even worse!

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