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[ # ] Southern Baptists, Social Issues, and Presidential Candidates
July 2nd, 2008 under Baptists, Christianity, Politics, Social Issues, Walking Like Jesus

Baptist Press, the official news outlet for Southern Baptists has weighed in on the presidential election. According to a recent poll by LifeWay Research, 80 percent of Southern Baptist pastors support McCain and 1 percent back Obama. Fifteen percent were undecided.

Another interesting article by Baptist Press identified the candidates’ positions on “five issues important to social conservatives.” These issues are: Judges, Abortion, Gay Marriage & Gay Rights, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, and Global Warming.

In regard to Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Baptist press describes it this way—“Both Obama and McCain support giving federal funding to embryonic stem cell research, which kills the tiny human beings.” OUCH!

I’m not too surprised about the “top five social issues” except for the long discussion on judges. I am a bit shocked that immigration isn’t on there. If pressed for my top five I’d have to say they are the following: poverty, health care, environmental issues, human rights, the war in Iraq. I might need to revise these a bit (Any suggestions?). Corporate greed and consumerism really bother me, but I doubt a presidential candidate can do anything about that.

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