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[ # ] Jindal=Same Old Republican Bull
July 16th, 2008 under Christianity, ChristianWalk, Hypocrisy, Jindal, Politics, Walking Like Jesus

republican_jesus.jpgLet’s see here. Bobby Jindal wants to get Republican street cred by cutting funding for non-profits.

Jindal admitted that he targeted non-governmental organizations in his $16 million belt tightening. He cuts funds for 258 different programs and groups.

Jindal said that plenty of the organizations that had funds slashed are very good groups with very noble goals, but he said they need to find their money elsewhere.

But typical of the Republican philosophy, Jindal takes care of his buddies:

For example, the Secretary of Economic Development Stephen Moret received a $75,000 raise and will now be making $320,000. His assistant Steve Grissom will be receiving an even larger raise of $94,040 for a total pay package of $237,000. The Secretary of the Department of Health and Hospitals Alan Levine will receive a $60,000 raise for an annual salary of over $160,000. The Director of Legislative Affairs will receive a $76,000 raise. The Deputy Chief of Staff Stephen Waguespack will receive a $30,000 raise. Despite all of these excessive salaries, they pale in comparison to the jackpot winner Superintendent of Education Paul Pastorek who will make $355,000 per year and receive a salary increase of over $50,000 per year.

All of these raises were proposed in the Governor’s budget and strongly supported by Jindal. He could easily strip these raises from the budget if he wanted. However, he defends these massive increases as necessary.

It’s easy for folks to get upset about pay raises for the Legislators. Where’s the outrage about cutting help for the homeless? UNITY FOR THE HOMELESS is taking a $50,000 hit from Bobby’s cut. They’ve done a hell of a job finding places for the homeless to live.

Shame on Bobby and shame on those who follow the one who said “Blessed are the poor” if they aren’t more outraged now!

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