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New Orleans Bloggers: Help!
April 16th, 2007 under art. [ Comments: 4 ]

DSC04908Hey New Orleanians! I need your advice.

I’m currently producing coasters with pics from New Orleans on them. If you have any good ideas for a series focusing on signs from New Orleans that should be included please let me know. I’m getting the Blue Plate sign next. Thanks!

I have the following–Falstaff, Good Egg, Ernie K-Doe, Dr Bob, Johnny White’s, and a few others.

Tile Project
April 11th, 2007 under art. [ Comments: none ]

tileShirley Jr and I worked on a tile project today. This one’s not for sale. I made it for a friend. We’re getting the hang of it though and should be able to make a bunch soon.

Unlike some tiles I’ve seen around town, this one is actually transferred to the tile rather than just gluing a picture to the tile. It’s much more muted, but I like it better.

Also, It’s something Shirley Jr and I can work on together. She does a great job of pealing off the paper to reveal the image. It’s kind of a wet & nasty project, but it’s fun.

This is a 4 x 4 tile. Any ideas how much I should charge?

Mid-City Art Market here we come!


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