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The Cultural Impact of Baptists
January 8th, 2009 under Baptists. [ Comments: 4 ]

I read today that “The Centers for Disease Control released a new report today that found that Mississippi now has the nation’s highest teen pregnancy rate, displacing Texas and New Mexico for that lamentable title. As a Louisiana resident, I’ve always been thankful for Mississippi and Arkansas because sometimes these states are the only reason Louisiana doesn’t rank highest or lowest in some important statistic.

I was disappointed when Mississippi, a very Baptist state, allowed casinos to operate there. I thought this fact kind of exposed a hypocrisy among its Baptist brethren. I also find it disappointing that Mississippi, which is 33.81% Baptist, has the highest rate of teen pregnancy! I think Baptists there need to start doing something about this!

NOBTS Professor Challenges Gustav
August 28th, 2008 under Baptists, God. [ Comments: 3 ]

Joel Rainey’s blog is always very interesting. I wish I had his gentle and caring spirit. Today, a guest blogger, Dr. Jack Allen, a missions professor at NOBTS (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) laid down this challenge for Gustav:

So, I have a counterintuitive plan. I am challenging Gustav to finish what Katrina could not. Come on in brothah! I dare you. Bow up to Cat 5 and waltz right up the Mississippi. I do not care. You, Mr. Hurricane, cannot touch me, this city, or anyone in it without the express permission of your Creator. If He says to have a go at New Orleans, then fine. Otherwise, stop making people scared. We have better things to do with our time.

Very interesting approach.

Jimmy Carter on Katrina
August 26th, 2008 under Baptists, Christianity, ChristianWalk, Katrina, New Orleans, Politics, Poor, Recovery, Social Issues, Walking Like Jesus. [ Comments: none ]

President Jimmy Carter shows the lack of progress after Katrina. He makes me proud to be a baptist!

HT: Schroeder

Baptist Pastor Caught Plagiarizing!
August 19th, 2008 under Baptists, Christian Crap, Hypocrisy. [ Comments: 1 ]

winona.jpgLooks like Dr. Samuel Krouse, the pastor of First Baptist Church of Colusa, CA has been caught plagiarizing from Al Mohler. Here’s the story.

Daniel Florien highlights the most ironic plagiarized quote:

Then, as now, the task is to articulate, communicate, and defend the Christian faith with intellectual integrity and evangelistic urgency.

Two thoughts:
Plagiarism is stealing.
Why Al Mohler?

I sent the Reverend Doctor an email at sskrouse@succeed.net to get his response! Here’s his original article.

HT: Daniel Florien

Bank Robbing Baptist Minister
August 15th, 2008 under Baptists, crime. [ Comments: 1 ]

faith-bag.jpgJim Creason, the minister of music in a small Baptist church in Edison Georgia, told police that money troubles drove him to rob a bank at gunpoint recently.

Creason robbed the HeritageBank of the South of more than $36,000. The minister wasn’t very smart.

“He had come to the bank earlier “under the pretense” of opening a checking account, and he provided bank officials with his new address and copies of his driver’s license and Social Security card, Vick said.”

Also, the bank manager knew Creason because Creason’s ex-wife had worked at the branch. He knew many of the employees there and called many of them by name during the robbery.

“I guess he got nervous and left,” said Vick, who investigated the case. “He came back about 20 minutes later with a black bag that had ‘Faith’ written on it.

Members at a church where Creason formerly served as an associate pastor said that they would have helped Creason if he had asked them for help.

So sad.

Elysian Fields Baptist Church
August 7th, 2008 under Baptists, Christianity, ChristianWalk, Friends, Katrina, Poor, Walking Like Jesus. [ Comments: 1 ]

Elysian Fields Baptist Church

I drove by Elysian Fields Baptist Church this morning. As you can see, it’s gone. A lot of churches died due to Katrina. I was familiar with this one. My youngest son went to VBS there one summer. A lot of friends of mine did a lot of great work there. Each One, Save One used to have its office there. I know that the members and the staff have moved on to serve elsewhere, but it’s still a sad sight.

My Heretic Friend
August 5th, 2008 under Baptists, Friends, Humor. [ Comments: none ]

For the last few years I’ve really enjoyed Becky’s Blog. She’s smart and funny and is always very interesting. This morning, while at the NOBTS library (which is empty BTW) I tried to read her latest post. Here’s what I got:

This site is blocked by the NOBTS Public Content Filter Service.

URL: http://grrrlmeetsworld.com/

Reason for restriction: Forbidden Category “Adult/Mature Content”

Guess you’ve made it big Becky! Congratulations!

Baptists Battle at Criswell College
August 4th, 2008 under Baptists, Christian Crap, Christianity, ChristianWalk, Hypocrisy, Politics, Walking Like Jesus. [ Comments: none ]

A baptist group secretly plotting to takeover a college? Say it ain’t so!

A simmering feud over control of Criswell College has boiled over, with its president and some trustees accusing leaders of First Baptist Church of Dallas of plotting to sell the school’s assets to finance a new church sanctuary.

Criswell President Jerry Johnson late this week criticized the Rev. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Dallas, which founded the Dallas Bible school and controls appointment of its trustees. As pastor, Dr. Jeffress is automatically chancellor of Criswell College, which has a small campus on Gaston Avenue and operates a radio station, KCBI-FM (90.0).

“For six months, the chancellor has been trying to cannibalize Criswell College to fund his building program at the church, which will cost $170 to $240 million,” Dr. Johnson said in an e-mailed response to questions.

“Furthermore, the chancellor has stated and started a plan to stack the Criswell College board with trustees that will go along with his plan to liquidate college assets, including our campus and KCBI, for the financial benefit of the church.”

Dr. Jeffress flatly denied that.

Read the rest of the story

Baptists, Facebook, and Vocation
July 24th, 2008 under Baptists, Christianity, ChristianWalk, Walking Like Jesus. [ Comments: 8 ]

preacher.jpgI’ve recently opened a Facebook account. No, not under Howie. It’s pretty cool because I’ve been able to connect with a lot of old friends. One thing I noticed was that a lot of my old Seminary buddies are no longer in ministry.

I’d like to propose a few theories as to why that is so and see what my Baptist buddies think. Here goes…

1. They really weren’t that spiritual to begin with (that’s why they were my buddies).
2. Ministry is terribly difficult and drives out a lot of good folks.
3. The Baptist emphasis on getting “people saved” really doesn’t encourage folks to serve God outside the church. There’s no emphasis on serving God in one’s vocation because committed Christians only do real ministry. It seems that every video they show at my church about folks who got serious about their faith become missionaries.

You might be able to guess my view. What do you think?

My Friend Joe
July 16th, 2008 under Baptists, Katrina. [ Comments: 1 ]

minime.jpgJoe’s a friend I met through the New Orleans blogosphere. He attended New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. We actually got to meet once. Unfortunately, Joe’s moved to Texas to continue his studies. Pray for him. For a lot of reasons! Here’s what he recently wrote:

See, since I moved to Texas, I’ve had two guys tell me the city is a cess pool. I’ve had one SWBTS church planter tell me how easy it must be to plant in New Orleans. And overall I’m convinced the entire concept of Katrina is completely lost on the people I meet. I get it. They weren’t here, and I can only imagine what it was like in Indonesia after the tsunami. But the thing is, I have to get it into people’s heads that what happened is going to last with those of us involved here forever. It shapes who we are. I’m not going to get offended by every moron who never set foot in New Orleans but has a false opinion of what it’s like here. Maybe I can show them some photos and tell them some stories, and if I’m good enough at it, maybe I’ll give them a glimpse into my New Orleans.

I can’t imagine having to deal with knuckleheads who think they know, but as Jim Mora once said, “You think you know, but you have no idea.”

Check out Joe’s blog and pictures of New Orleans, they’re pretty great.

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