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August 1st, 2008 under Books, Books I Recommend, Louisiana. [ Comments: none ]

sherman2.jpgA few years back, I received this book in the mail from a regular reader of HowieLuvzus.com. He said that he was fan and that he wanted me to read the novel he wrote.

I thought, “Great! I have a groupie!” My wife thought, “Oh great! You have a stalker!”

I re-read the book,

    Welcome to the Fallen Paradise

by Dayne Sherman this summer. It’s a very compelling book. It’s about a guy who returns to his small town in South Louisiana after a stint in the Army and it chronicles his run ins with a crazy neighbor and a corrupt Sheriff.

Even though I was afraid it would turn out to be a novel full of cliches and stereotypes, it was very enjoyable. It’s really a fast-moving and sometimes funny work that I simply could not put down.

Thanks Dayne!


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