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Baptist Church Cancels Teen Gun Giveaway
July 14th, 2008 under Christian Crap, Christianity, Humor. [ Comments: 4 ]


drross.jpgI couldn’t let this one go without comment!

An Oklahoma church canceled a controversial gun giveaway for teenagers at a weekend youth conference.

Windsor Hills Baptist had planned to give away a semiautomatic assault rifle until one of the event’s organizers was unable to attend.

The church’s youth pastor, Bob Ross, said it’s a way of trying to encourage young people to attend the event. The church expected hundreds of teenagers from as far away as Canada.

Friday evening, Ross said the gun giveaway had been canceled. Pastor emeritus Jim Vineyard, who ran the event, injured his foot and wouldn’t be able to attend. The gun giveaway was also removed from the church Web site.

Wow! Thanks Greg! This is unbelievable. Above is a picture of “Dr. Ross.” Here’s the church’s website.

If you’d like to send an email saying “What were you thinking?” Send it here.

Lack of Respect
June 19th, 2008 under Christian Crap, Christianity, ChristianWalk, Hypocrisy, Walking Like Jesus. [ Comments: none ]

I saw this at Exploring Our Matrix and at Unreasonable Faith.respect.jpg

Evolution Alternatives Bill Progress in Louisiana
June 16th, 2008 under Christian Crap, Jindal, Louisiana, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

From EthicsDaily.com:

Bill Barrow

BATON ROUGE, La. (RNS) The Louisiana House of Representatives has approved a science education bill that one prominent church-state group predicts could yield a lawsuit over teaching religion in public schools.

The bill would allow science teachers, after a request by a local school board and with the approval by state education officials, to use supplemental materials when teaching subjects such as evolution, global warming, cloning and the origin of life.

The House passed the bill in a 94-3 vote on Wednesday and sent it to the state Senate. The bill would then go to Gov. Bobby Jindal, who has publicly expressed his support for teaching alternatives to evolution.

Supporters say the measure will encourage honest discussions about controversial topics, with teachers using the most up-to-date research that sometimes is not included in textbooks.

Read the rest here. Also, rumor has it Mark Gstohl’s article will show up at Ethics Daily soon!

Mark Gstohl’s Take on Southern Baptist Convention
June 13th, 2008 under Baptists, Christian Crap, Christianity, ChristianWalk, Church and State, Hypocrisy, Walking Like Jesus. [ Comments: 4 ]

My friend Mark Gstohl has an article at Religion Dispatches Blog about the Southern Baptist resolution on Christmas.

That guy’s not only cool. He’s also pretty smart.

Christians Must Boycott Racist Fox News
June 12th, 2008 under Christian Crap, Christianity, FoxNews, Hypocrisy, Politics. [ Comments: none ]


This is it. I know that most conservative Christians are idiots. I don’t think they’re idiots because they’re Christians. I think they are idiots because they are Americans. There, I’ve said it. Call me unpatriotic or a snob if you want, but I’ve had it with stupidity.

Last week I went fishing and our guide had Jesus crap all over his boat and truck. He also used the “N” word a lot and made fun of “Retards.”

I heard yesterday on NPR that Obama met with Christian leaders and was asked about his Muslim background by one of them! Stupid. Stupid. Stupid!

Southern Baptists approved a resolution about Christmas! The resolution–“urged Southern Baptists and other Christians to “resist the march of secularism” and to seek to influence businesses and other institutions to return Christmas to “its proper place in the culture.” Was the resolution encouraging their members to focus more on Jesus and less on consumption during the season? Oh Hell no! “The statement on secularism and the use of Christmas came in response to the recent practice by some businesses, public schools and other entities of substituting secular terms for Christmas.”

What a flipping joke! Doesn’t Bill O’Sleazy do a good enough job for you? You are so right Southern Baptists! Home Depot needs to force their Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or Atheist employees to wish everybody a Merry Christmas! That’ll bring em’ to Jesus! You self-centered jerks need to shut the heck up!

Once again, Southern Baptists are telling everybody how they should act and what they should say! What a bunch of maroons! Making folks say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” will help us remember the “real” meaning of Christmas. Love, Peace, Joy, Intolerance!

God Caused Accident Not Hogan’s Drunk Son!
June 2nd, 2008 under Christian Crap, crime. [ Comments: 1 ]

Hogan’s son Nick was sentenced to 8 months in jail for reckless driving. Above, we hear that the young man who was in the car with Nick who, BTW will need “a lifetime of medical care,” was not injured because of Nick’s negligence, but because “God laid some heavy sh*t on him.”

One of the chief problems with a Calvinist theology that focuses on the sovereignty of God to the exclusion of human responsibility is that God always comes across as the “bad guy” and humans get a free pass. Not only is it bad theology, it’s also offensive.

Why not make money off the situation, note Hogan’s son can’t even correctly pronounce reality, it’s God’s fault any way?

Follow Jesus, You Maroons!
May 22nd, 2008 under Baptists, Christian Crap, Christianity, ChristianWalk, FoxNews, God, Hypocrisy, Racism, Rant, Social Issues, Walking Like Jesus. [ Comments: 3 ]

Woman at the WellWarning…this is a rant. I’m really ticked so there might be a few offensive phrases. See the picture on this post? It’s Jesus with the woman at the well. She was a Samaritan woman. Jews hated Samaritans. Jesus didn’t. He saw her as a human being. God’s kind of like that. You know, loving, not a racist, etc.

I’m flippin’ sick and tired of so called Christians making negative comments about “those Mexicans.” Five words: shut up you flippin’ moron! Read your Bible. Think a bit. Would Jesus be pissed about them coming here to “our” country? I don’t think so. In fact I know he wouldn’t. He’d tell you alleged Christians that you must, Jeez I know this will be a shock, love your neighbor. OK, they’re taking our jobs and costing us lots of money for providing their children with healthcare and education (Why is it that I usually hear this from old retired farts who don’t work anyway?) Let’s just pretend that these “Mexicans” are costing us lots of money and are our enemies.

Guess what? Take a look at your dusty old Bible again! Jesus says we’re supposed to love our enemies. Holy Crap! What to do? Why don’t you shut the heck up, think for a freakin’ minute, turn off Fox News and read the Gospels. Out loud. It’s really not that complex. Do you honestly believe that Jesus would be pissed about providing heathcare for children? We’re one of the richest countries in the world. If we really are a Christian nation (which we’re not) we should be glad to help those in need and not just those who have oil under them and are in need.

Why can’t you ignorant racist bigots realize that your ancestors were probably immigrants too? Of course that really shouldn’t matter if you’re a Christian because you’re supposed to LOVE them anyway. They are children of God, whether you like it or not. Their children are human-freaking-beings created in the image of God! Love them too!

In case you forgot. The Christian’s primary citizenry is the KINGDOM OF GOD not the United States. I know that makes me sound unpatriotic, but if I’ve got to chose someone or something to be obedient to it’s going to be Jesus. Not George Bush, that Hussein Obama guy you like to trash and certainly not that foul mouthed old fart that called his wife the “c” word. If following Jesus hurts the American economy then so be it. If it means I might have to, God forbid, make sacrifices like spending more money on others and less on myself I’ll gladly do it. Jesus’ sacrifice makes anything I do seem a bit lame anyway.

Sorry to break the news to you. If you’re going to follow Jesus, you’re going to have to love those “Mexicans” just like he does. If you’d like the scripture references email me at howie (dot) luvzus (at) gmail (dot) com. I didn’t provide them here because I didn’t want to waste your time and they should be a given anyway.

I wrote this because I love those “Mexicans” and hate to hear you trash them. They’re my brothers and sisters. I also wrote this because I love you too and it pains me to see you miss out on the opportunity to demonstrate God’s love to someone in need.

Now shut up and follow Jesus, you maroons!

Southern Baptists Aren’t Evangelicals
May 21st, 2008 under Baptists, Christian Crap, Christianity, ChristianWalk, Hypocrisy, Politics, Rant, Social Issues, Walking Like Jesus. [ Comments: none ]

foyvalentine_.jpgI remember the good old days in the Southern Baptist Convention. Although many of the moderate professors were rude and condescending toward fundamentalists, the tone of the SBC was a lot less negative in general. You can see that in the resolutions at the conventions prior to the Fundamentalist Takeover in 1979.

Foy Valentine, when asked if Southern Baptists considered themselves Evangelicals, said emphatically that “we don’t share their politics or their fussy fundamentalism.” He also condemned their “theological witch-hunts.” Ah, the good old days!

Recently, an Evangelical Manifesto was composed and signed by such Evangelical greats as, Mark Noll, Alvin Plantinga, Daniel L. Akin, Kay Arthur, Max Lucado, and Jim Wallace. There are many Southern Baptist pastors that also signed on.

However, Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, was critical of the document. Surprise, surprise. Mohler is about the most negative commentator, other than me, that I’ve ever read. Here’s a brief summary of his concerns:

1. Al says it doesn’t condemn non-Christians enough!

“it leaves out the question of the exclusivity of salvation to those who have come to Christ by faith.” Al wants to make damn sure that any group he supports makes it very clear that certain folks (probably lots) are going to hell! This statement wasn’t clear enough for Al: “the only ground for our acceptance by God is what Jesus Christ did on the cross and what he is now doing through his risen life, whereby he exposed and reversed the course of human sin and violence, bore the penalty for our sins, credited us with his righteousness, redeemed us from the power of evil, reconciled us to God, and empowers us with his life ‘from above.'”mohler.jpg

2. Al also isn’t satisfied that Evangelicals don’t condemn other Christians!

Al writes, “Another complication on this score comes from the fact that Evangelicals are identified as ‘one of the great traditions that have developed within the Christian Church over the centuries.’ There is a sense in which this is true, of course, but relegating the Evangelical understanding of the Gospel to just one among many Christian traditions undercuts our witness and sows seeds of confusion.”

God forbid that someone might confuse an Evangelical with one of the pagan streams within Christianity!

3. Al says it’s not negative enough!

He writes, “Evangelicals sometimes have to make strong judgments, the authors assert, but only after clarifying that the “Good News” of the Gospel “is overwhelmingly positive, and is always positive before it is negative.” Further: “Evangelicals are for Someone and for something rather than against anyone or anything.”
This is a wonderful statement, and entirely true. Nevertheless, as a statement of public relations it will not get very far — not if any honest discussion or disclosure follows. As the authors recognize, to be for one principle is to oppose its opposite. Those holding to contrary principles will not be persuaded to cease stating that we are against their principles and aims.”

4. Al says civility is overrated!

Al asks, “Where does a commitment to civility meet its limits? Can one speak truthfully of the Gospel, and of the fact that faith in Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation, and be considered civil?”

Nope. Southern Baptists still aren’t Evangelicals. Unfortunately now that folks like Mohler are “in charge,” those fussy fundamentalists are too nice, civil, and liberal!

Baptist Pastor Threatened
May 15th, 2008 under Baptists, Christian Crap, Christianity, ChristianWalk, Church and State, Hypocrisy, Politics, Walking Like Jesus. [ Comments: 2 ]

cross1.jpgOnce again, Bruce Prescott alerted me to the following:

DeLand pastor gets threats after removing U.S. flag from church

A local church pastor who removed the U.S. flag from the church sanctuary has taken a leave of absence after receiving harassing and threatening notes — including one left in his hymnbook in the church, police and church officials said.

An investigation is ongoing into at least three notes sent to Rev. Sean Oliver Allen of First Baptist Church of DeLand, 725 N. Woodland Blvd., said DeLand police Lt. Pete Moon.

“We are looking at it criminally and working to determine if there is any criminal intent behind the letters,” Moon said.

Rev. Allen consulted with church elders and decided to take a four-week leave after receiving the latest note in the mailbox of his DeLand home on May 1, said Education Pastor John Long.

The note said, “Resign this Sunday or else,” according to a DeLand police report.

Here’s what I did…I wrote the following letter and sent it to ministers in the area:

I recently read an article about pastor Sean Allen of First Baptist Church of DeLand that stated that he had received threats for removing the American Flag and the Christian flag from the church sanctuary. Whether or not you agree with what Rev. Allen did, it would be a nice gesture for you to support him during this difficult time.

As an ordained Southern Baptist minister it pains me to see my brother being threatened. I’ve sent him an encouraging email. However, I think that you have a tremendous opportunity to show support to your brother in Christ. I humbly offer a few suggestions for you.

First, mention this in Sunday’s sermon. Condemn the un-Christian attitude of a person that would issue an anonymous threat. Challenge your congregation to pray for Rev. Allen and the person(s) who threatened him. Pray for his congregation that they would seek to glorify Christ in all they do.

Next, consider an act of solidarity. The article clearly states why Allen chose to remove the flags. Any reasonable person could see why one might see having an American flag in a sanctuary could send a wrong signal. A Christian’s ultimate allegiance should be to Christ, not a country. Allen’s brave act should be honored. Christ’s obedience also resulted in persecution. This could be an opportunity to show that following Christ is not easy, and that doing the right thing sometimes is costly.

I appreciate you taking the time to read and consider my suggestions. May God continue to bless your ministry.

For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom his whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name. I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.

Let’s see how they respond!

The Obama Plague
May 12th, 2008 under Christian Crap, Christianity, Hypocrisy, Politics. [ Comments: 3 ]

From Bruce Prescott:

Bob Novak has written an article suggesting that Mike Huckabee privately concurs with Homeschool Champion Michael Farris in believing that evangelicals should sit out this year’s presidential election. Farris and other far right evangelicals think America deserves a “plague-like presidency” and Obama fits the bill.

My observations,

1. I think Prescott should have added “sleaze ball “journalist”” as a descriptor for Novak.

2. It shows what idiots far right evangelicals are. Isn’t one “Plague-like presidency” enough?

3. It shows that far right evangelicals are heartless. Just like Hagee they actually seem to enjoy it when people are hurt.

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