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Fundamentalists Are Stupid
January 23rd, 2009 under Christian Crap, Christianity, Hypocrisy, Walking Like Jesus. [ Comments: 4 ]

I know calling someone “stupid” sounds bad, but sometimes the truth hurts. For example, I’m fat. It’s not fun to be called fat, but let’s face it. I’m fat. Now let’s move on…

A couple of definitions of stupid are as follows: slow of mind, lacking intelligence or reason, (my personal favorite) dulled in feeling or sensation. Fundamentalists are all of these. Oh, let me define fundamentalist for you. Theologian Sallie McFague defines fundamentalism as the refusal to acknowledge our limitations.

That’s a good definition because it recognizes all forms of fundamentalism. You see, fundamentalists are not just religious or political conservatives. A fundamentalist can be either pro-choice or pro-life, for gay marriage or against it. I have a few liberal friends that I believe are fundamentalists. I also believe that you can be a fundamentalist who is right about a particular belief or wrong about a particular belief. After all, gay marriage is either right or wrong. It can’t be both.

I’ll admit that I have a hard time loving fundamentalists. I would find it impossible if I had not at one time been one. You see, I’ve been a Calvinist, a Republican, a Capitalist, a Pharisee, a Dallas Cowboys fan, and a lot of other things in my life. I’ve been willing to look at many sides of an argument and change my mind about some things. So even though I hate Calvinism, I try not to hate Calvinists, etc. I know that what I believe is partly a result of my life experiences and I’m probably wrong about a great many things. When I was in grad school I taught at a predominately African American Baptist seminary and a predominately Caucasian Baptist seminary. It during was an election year. My black brothers and sisters in Christ were mostly voting for Bill Clinton. My white brothers and sisters were mostly voting for the elder Bush. They all loved Jesus and valued their Bibles. Go figure.

I’m going to continue to speak out against Christian fundamentalism. It’s tough to do without sounding arrogant or judgmental myself. But saying hurtful or doing hurtful things in the name of Jesus hurts the cause of Christ. I’ll try to love the stupid people and arrogant people that don’t understand the grace of God and their own limitations.

I found the following quote from Paul Tillich on Romans 5:20 helpful today. He speaks of Paul’s description of grace this way:

“’Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound’, says Paul in the same letter in which he describes the unimaginable power of separation and self-destruction within society and the individual soul. He does not say these words because sentimental interests demand a happy ending for everything tragic. He says them because they describe the most overwhelming and determining experience of his life. In the picture of Jesus as the Christ, which appeared to him at the moment of his greatest separation from other men, from himself and God, he found himself accepted in spite of his being rejected. And when he found that he was accepted, he was able to accept himself and to be reconciled to others. The moment in which grace struck him and overwhelmed him, he was reunited with that to which he belonged, and from which he was estranged in utter strangeness.”

Republican Hypocrites
September 6th, 2008 under Hypocrisy, Politics. [ Comments: 1 ]

Karl Rove is satan.

Baptist Pastor Caught Plagiarizing!
August 19th, 2008 under Baptists, Christian Crap, Hypocrisy. [ Comments: 1 ]

winona.jpgLooks like Dr. Samuel Krouse, the pastor of First Baptist Church of Colusa, CA has been caught plagiarizing from Al Mohler. Here’s the story.

Daniel Florien highlights the most ironic plagiarized quote:

Then, as now, the task is to articulate, communicate, and defend the Christian faith with intellectual integrity and evangelistic urgency.

Two thoughts:
Plagiarism is stealing.
Why Al Mohler?

I sent the Reverend Doctor an email at sskrouse@succeed.net to get his response! Here’s his original article.

HT: Daniel Florien

Christians Committing Sins
August 18th, 2008 under Christian Crap, Christianity, ChristianWalk, God, Hypocrisy, Politics, Walking Like Jesus. [ Comments: 1 ]

commandments.jpgLast time I checked, the command NOT to bear false witness is still one of the Ten Commandments. I’m no Old Testament scholar, but I think that’s one of the Old Testament commands that still applies (Hope the crawfish prohibition doesn’t!).

Anyway, I just received an email that was critical of Obama in one of those ridiculous claims. I went to Snopes.com, copied the link that explained that the claim was false and sent it back to the sender. I should have also quoted the Scripture Exodus 20:16 “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

I didn’t. I didn’t want to look like a jerk. But then again, wouldn’t somebody who claims to be a Christian that spreads false information about someone be considered a jerk? I’m not sure. But according to Exodus 20:16, someone who spreads lies about someone else is considered a sinner. Before you send crap to your email list (whether it’s about McCain, Obama, Hillary or W), please check it out, otherwise you are sinning against God. As a theologian, I know that God don’t like that!

John Edwards Is a Jerk
August 9th, 2008 under Cancer, Hypocrisy, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

John Edwards is a jerk.

David Bonior, Edwards’ campaign manager, told the Associated Press on Friday that he was disappointed and angry after hearing about Edwards’ confession.

“Thousands of friends of the senators and his supporters have put their faith and confidence in him and he’s let him down,” said Bonior. “They’ve been betrayed by his action.”

What he said.

The Olympics Suck
August 7th, 2008 under Hypocrisy, Politics, violence. [ Comments: 3 ]


I usually don’t watch the Olympics any way. This year I’m taking it a bit farther. I’m not only ticked that such a horrible country (but who are we to point fingers?) was picked to host the Olympics, I’m also very disappointed in the USA Basketball team’s position on China. What a bunch of wimps! Given the recent ESPY award given to Tommie Smith and John Carlos (shown above) I would have thought that our team would be a bit more socially conscious. I know, I’m a dreamer.

So in light of that, I’m not drinking Heineken or Coke during the Olympics. I’m also not going to buy a GM auto or eat at McDonald’s.

Baptists Battle at Criswell College
August 4th, 2008 under Baptists, Christian Crap, Christianity, ChristianWalk, Hypocrisy, Politics, Walking Like Jesus. [ Comments: none ]

A baptist group secretly plotting to takeover a college? Say it ain’t so!

A simmering feud over control of Criswell College has boiled over, with its president and some trustees accusing leaders of First Baptist Church of Dallas of plotting to sell the school’s assets to finance a new church sanctuary.

Criswell President Jerry Johnson late this week criticized the Rev. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Dallas, which founded the Dallas Bible school and controls appointment of its trustees. As pastor, Dr. Jeffress is automatically chancellor of Criswell College, which has a small campus on Gaston Avenue and operates a radio station, KCBI-FM (90.0).

“For six months, the chancellor has been trying to cannibalize Criswell College to fund his building program at the church, which will cost $170 to $240 million,” Dr. Johnson said in an e-mailed response to questions.

“Furthermore, the chancellor has stated and started a plan to stack the Criswell College board with trustees that will go along with his plan to liquidate college assets, including our campus and KCBI, for the financial benefit of the church.”

Dr. Jeffress flatly denied that.

Read the rest of the story

Hannity Fan Kills Liberals
July 30th, 2008 under Christian Crap, Christianity, ChristianWalk, FoxNews, God, homosexuality, Hypocrisy, Walking Like Jesus. [ Comments: 2 ]

hannity.jpgHere’s a link to an open letter to Sean Hannity from a former co-worker of his. It seems that, Jim Adkisson, the man who killed two people, wounded five others, and left an entire Unitarian Congregation in Knoxville and country shaken by his actions testified in his own written notes, that the rampage was fueled by Hannity’s words in the book, Let Freedom Ring.

In the article at Religion Dispatches, Candace Chellew-Hodge chronicles Hannity’s hatred of homosexuals and his bitter paranoia.

“If the Left succeeds in gaining and retaining more power, the well-being of future generations will be at greater peril. I fear (our children) will inherit a nation that is less free and less secure than the nation we inherited from the last generation. It is therefore our job to stop them. Not just debate them, but defeat them.” — Sean Hannity

Stuff like this is exactly why I will not stop “Kicking Against the Pricks.” Folks like Hannity, O’Reilly and the Fox News folks and the idiots who listen to them are the real threat. Funny how Christians were quick to condemn Marilyn Manson for the Columbine shootings but I haven’t heard anyone trying to get Hannity off the air! I sure hope the gun used wasn’t from some Baptist church gun give-away!

They are not Christians. They do not speak for Christ. They hurt the cause of Christ more than anyone else I can think of.

The Christ of Scripture speaks of a God who welcomes all to the banquet. This Christ calls us to love our neighbor, love our enemies and turn the other cheek. This Christ slams self-righteous religious folks and demands that we be humble, meek, and loving. I see none of those qualities in the Fox folks or those who watch that crap.

Once again, I call all Christians to boycott Fox. Read Chellew-Hodge’s article. It’s very touching. Here’s one more excerpt:

The sad irony here, Sean, is that if Mr. Adkisson had gone to that Unitarian church and told them he was out of a job and his food stamps had just ended, they would have helped him. They would have fed them from their food pantry and used their network of friends to help find him a job. Not because they’re liberal socialists, but because they understand that it’s not “us” against “them.” Instead, what made this country great is that we pull together in times of crisis—we bear one another’s burdens and put aside our differences in order to be of service to one another. They would have reached out to Mr. Adkisson without asking him if he was Democrat or a Republican or a liberal or a conservative. Labels don’t matter when someone is in need—or they shouldn’t.

Jindal=Same Old Republican Bull
July 16th, 2008 under Christianity, ChristianWalk, Hypocrisy, Jindal, Politics, Walking Like Jesus. [ Comments: none ]

republican_jesus.jpgLet’s see here. Bobby Jindal wants to get Republican street cred by cutting funding for non-profits.

Jindal admitted that he targeted non-governmental organizations in his $16 million belt tightening. He cuts funds for 258 different programs and groups.

Jindal said that plenty of the organizations that had funds slashed are very good groups with very noble goals, but he said they need to find their money elsewhere.

But typical of the Republican philosophy, Jindal takes care of his buddies:

For example, the Secretary of Economic Development Stephen Moret received a $75,000 raise and will now be making $320,000. His assistant Steve Grissom will be receiving an even larger raise of $94,040 for a total pay package of $237,000. The Secretary of the Department of Health and Hospitals Alan Levine will receive a $60,000 raise for an annual salary of over $160,000. The Director of Legislative Affairs will receive a $76,000 raise. The Deputy Chief of Staff Stephen Waguespack will receive a $30,000 raise. Despite all of these excessive salaries, they pale in comparison to the jackpot winner Superintendent of Education Paul Pastorek who will make $355,000 per year and receive a salary increase of over $50,000 per year.

All of these raises were proposed in the Governor’s budget and strongly supported by Jindal. He could easily strip these raises from the budget if he wanted. However, he defends these massive increases as necessary.

It’s easy for folks to get upset about pay raises for the Legislators. Where’s the outrage about cutting help for the homeless? UNITY FOR THE HOMELESS is taking a $50,000 hit from Bobby’s cut. They’ve done a hell of a job finding places for the homeless to live.

Shame on Bobby and shame on those who follow the one who said “Blessed are the poor” if they aren’t more outraged now!

Independence Day Reflections
July 4th, 2008 under Christianity, Hypocrisy, Peace, Politics. [ Comments: none ]

guantanamo.jpgWhen I think of the 4th of July, I think of freedom. I think about Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I know this is a real downer, but here goes… As a Christian I think I should not only think about my “unalienable Rights” but also the rights of others. Thus, when I see my fellow citizens talking about freedom, it saddens me that there are those under the control of my government who really don’t have freedom. One of the cries of the revolution was “taxation without representation is tyranny.”

What about incarceration without representation? Jesus compels me to think of the “least of these,” those without a voice. On the day when we celebrate freedom, isn’t it hypocritical to not think about those persons, created in the image of God, who are imprisoned in Guantanamo with no one to defend them?

My prayer is that somehow we might become a country that champions freedom for all. Not just some. My prayer is that Christians might remember to whom their real allegiance lies. Not to our country, but to our Savior who commands us to love our neighbor and yes, even love our enemy. Maybe if we live by Jesus’ ethic we would make our country and world a better place for all.

God bless.

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