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Gustav, Katrina, and Life
August 28th, 2008 under family, Katrina, New Orleans, Recovery. [ Comments: 2 ]

Creedmoor Presbyterian ChurchTuesday afternoon I tried to calm the lovely wife a bit by explaining that I would see where Gustav was the next morning, check on it at noon, check on it when I got home and not get obsessed over it. As I reflect on that conversation a bit (One reason we’ve lasted 24 years) I realize that my cavalier attitude was very inappropriate. The next morning, I gave the same little speech to a co-worker and she teared-up. Man, was I an idiot.

It’s not something that you can put in the back of your mind. Once you’ve had your life totally changed by something like the Federal Flood, there’s no going back. In fact, it’s so deeply embedded in your psyche that sleep is no escape. Since I worked as a case manager trying to help persons impacted by Katrina I have had nightmares about their plights. I had several last night. I admire those who have sucked it up and are ready to stick it out here even if we get another big one. I will not. I can’t afford to lose my job and stay here doing something I hate. I can’t handle any more health issues. I can’t handle being separated from my family for four months again. I can’t handle losing any more friends. I can’t handle the daily struggles of living in a place with so many frustrations that go on and on and on.

I’m not panicked. I’m sleepy, I’m apprehensive, and depressed. I’m angry that Katrina has become a big joke for outsiders and even some of my family members. I’m angry at most of the politicians and public figures that have failed us.

So we’ll head out tomorrow to spend a long weekend away. Hopefully we’ll come back to our home. But unfortunately, this serves as a reminder of how fragile our lives really are. Many people have grown stronger from the Federal Flood experience. God Bless em’!

I’ll know that I’ll be with two of the most important people in my life and that my two sons will be safe from the storm because they are away at college. This event reminds me that even though I love New Orleans and that it has given me great joy, my real joy is with the family. My real comfort is in the love they bring me. I know that at least I won’t lose that this week and that brings me great peace.

Bailey’s ABCT Performance
August 12th, 2008 under family, Shirley Jr. [ Comments: none ]

My little girl.

Vitter and Craig to Rescue Marriage!
June 28th, 2008 under family, homosexuality, Hypocrisy, Politics, Tacky. [ Comments: 2 ]

You have got to be kidding me!

What’s next, an ethics bill from Jefferson?


Larry Craig and David Vitter — “two United States Senators implicated in extramarital sexual activity” — have named themselves as co-sponsors of S.J. Res. 43, the Marriage Protection Amendment. If passed, the bill would amend the Constitution to declare that marriage “shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman.”

Stress in the Big Easy
June 19th, 2008 under Cancer, Christianity, family, God, Katrina, Recovery, Shirley, Shirley Jr. [ Comments: 3 ]

Pandora'sIt’s been a tough day. I took my lovely wife to the doctor’s office this morning for her quarterly check-up. Four years since her final treatment for cancer. It seems like only yesterday. I hate that office. We got the bad news there. It’s always pretty packed with folks. Folks waiting for the bad news. Folks waiting for good news. Folks with wigs, using walkers, terribly tired, terribly scared, and terribly sick.

Visit to Pandora'sI watched people trying to stay awake. Two people were trying to work the 500 piece puzzle. Several had their spouses with them and some had their kids and grandkids with them. All alone was Sister St. Dorian. Just her and God. It was kind of sad. Her big black horn-rimmed glasses matched her skirt and head covering. Even though she looks to be in her late seventies, Sr. St. Dorian rose rather quickly when her name was called. She released the break on her walker and pretty quickly left for the door. I prayed for her.

As soon as the wife went in for her results, I left the waiting room and went to the lobby of the hospital. I couldn’t stand being in the room any longer.

Great news! She’s fine. I dropped her off at work and headed to the NOBTS library to work on a chapter for the next book. On the way I saw such devastation. I forget how terrible it still is in Gentilly. I get angry and depressed when I drive through my old neighborhood. “Guess they’ll never convict Jose Vazquez, Jr.’s murderer,” I thought as I drove past Vasquez’s restaurant on Gentilly. It hasn’t been touched since Katrina.

Trip to Pandora'sGot to the library, made a quick run through the New Orleans Blogs and saw another jerk is using the floods in Iowa to trash New Orleans. I love it when someone who’s never been here explains why Katrina was our fault. It really sucks around here. I know it could be worse. A lot worse.

Sometimes I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Other days I feel like Sister St. Dorian. Alone in a scary place. Just me and God. Gotta hop up now. Got work to do. Can’t wait to pick up Shirley Jr from camp and Shirley Sr from work. I owe the little one a snowball. We’ll go by Pandora’s. Life is good.

Fishing Trip
May 31st, 2008 under family. [ Comments: 1 ]

Bailey Fishing

Took the young one to Brechtel Park today for her first fishing trip. She almost caught a huge carp or alligator gar or something. It was pretty scary!
We also saw a rabbit.

You can see the other pics here:

Crazy Weekend Ahead!
May 8th, 2008 under dogs, family. [ Comments: 1 ]

Sammy’s coming to visit for a few months. She my oldest son’s dog. He’ll be back for the summer. It’s going to be a big shock because recently we added this (Maddie) one to our dog collection:
Chloe is going to have her hands full!
Maybe she can hold her own…
Sammy and Chloe Playing

Barkus 2008
January 28th, 2008 under family, Friends, Holidaze, Mardi Gras, New Orleans. [ Comments: 1 ]

Once again we did Barkus with the Homan’s and Keith and Jeffrey. This year we left Chloe home since she doesn’t really enjoy it. We had a great time! I’m really tired and sore. I’m getting too old for this!

Go Tigers! Happy Birthday Elvis Wherever you are!
January 9th, 2008 under Elvis, family, Holidaze, LSU. [ Comments: 4 ]

I don’t work on January 8th because it’s Elvis’s birthday. Besides, I’m a little tired from watching tigers kick the crap out of some nuts from Ohio.

My grandmother’s middle name was Elvis so I feel pretty close to the king. Here’s a pic of Una Elvis Tigert that my mom gave me when she visited us at Christmas:
Una Elvis Tigert


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