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Elysian Fields Baptist Church
August 7th, 2008 under Baptists, Christianity, ChristianWalk, Friends, Katrina, Poor, Walking Like Jesus. [ Comments: 1 ]

Elysian Fields Baptist Church

I drove by Elysian Fields Baptist Church this morning. As you can see, it’s gone. A lot of churches died due to Katrina. I was familiar with this one. My youngest son went to VBS there one summer. A lot of friends of mine did a lot of great work there. Each One, Save One used to have its office there. I know that the members and the staff have moved on to serve elsewhere, but it’s still a sad sight.

Happy Birthday Adrastos!
August 5th, 2008 under Friends, Holidaze. [ Comments: 1 ]

Hope you feel better soon Adrastos!

Have a very Happy Birthday!

Pic by Michael Homan

My Heretic Friend
August 5th, 2008 under Baptists, Friends, Humor. [ Comments: none ]

For the last few years I’ve really enjoyed Becky’s Blog. She’s smart and funny and is always very interesting. This morning, while at the NOBTS library (which is empty BTW) I tried to read her latest post. Here’s what I got:

This site is blocked by the NOBTS Public Content Filter Service.

URL: http://grrrlmeetsworld.com/

Reason for restriction: Forbidden Category “Adult/Mature Content”

Guess you’ve made it big Becky! Congratulations!

Don’t Be Hatin’ So Much!
April 17th, 2008 under Friends, Humor, New Orleans. [ Comments: 8 ]

fats-domino-21.jpgHaving been the butt of Homan’s cruel humor, I can understand how Chris Owens might feel. Homie recently trashed one of New Orleans’ original characters for being old.

Adrastos came to the rescue, but BigEZBear did a heck of a job refuting Homan’s attempt at humor. Obviously, Homan just doesn’t get it. Damn Yankee.

What’s next Homan?

Are you going to trash Pete Fountain for not really walking in his Half-Fast Walking Club?

Are you going to make fun of Fats because he’s lost a lot of weight?

Stop the hatin’!

Here’s a great comment from BigEZBear’s post:

I followed the link to the Professor’s web page. Whatta schmo. He obviously never studied the First Rule of French Quarter Legends; If you don’t want to see it, don’t look.

The idea that Chris Owens, or anyone else, for that matter, should stay home because he doesn’t apporove, ought to get him a one-way ticket to Branson, MO, where the Bland & Timid perform 24/7, giggling the entire time, never saying the word ‘DARN’, only miming it and making a stage whispering sound. Gee willikers.

Judging by the crowd in the photographs he posted, I suggest the Professor stay home (and help Gilligan fix the boat?) and let everyone else be entertained as they see fit.

I’m curious, Professor Drudgery, how often do that many people turn out to applaud you? I couldn’t begin to guess, because, well, I’ve never even heard of you before…neither, I’m sure, has the World Famous Chris Owens.

Lord David
Pirate & Artist
Skull Club
New Orleans

Ashley Morris’ Funeral
April 15th, 2008 under ChristianWalk, Friends, New Orleans. [ Comments: 1 ]

DSC08644Sorry for the delay. I was kind of wiped out by the funeral. Although I hide it pretty well, I’m an extremely shy person. Having to be around so many people I don’t know took its toll on me.

I’d first like to thank Peter, Ray, and Hana for letting me be a part of such a wonderful tribute to Ashley. He really was bigger than life and a really good guy. It was an honor to be able to officiate the service. Meeting all those Bloggers was very cool too!2415057506_25f8b3bd03_m.jpg

It seems almost sacrilegious to say that I enjoyed a funeral, but this funeral was filled with more laughter than any I’ve ever attended. I can’t believe that I actually got heckled during my tribute to Ashley! The Krewe du Vieux folks were so funny! I was trying to relay a story about how Ashley had taken the time to clear up a few misconceptions I had about KdV when they started hissing! I hope they remember that I said that Ashley convinced me that I was wrong!

Everyone was so encouraging to me after the service was over. I cannot believe that someone stole my notes! I also can’t believe it was not Homan. I think I did OK without them, but I regret not being able to read Annabelle Lee, Ashley’s favorite poem.

Ashley’s life impacted me in several ways. I’ll try to eat more good New Orleans food and squeal when it’s great. I’ll try to enjoy my family and friends more and spend more time with them. I’ll try to speak out more against what I see as unjust and stand up for what needs to be affirmed.

What struck me most about Ashley’s funeral was articulated well by Adam Steele, one of his DePaul Computer Science colleagues. He described Ashley as a “key articulator” that brought all kinds of people together. Although some of my Southern Baptist buddies may have questioned whether or not I should have participated in such a “rowdy” gathering, I’d have to say that the group resembled what I think the Kingdom of God looks like much more than most of the gatherings of “church people” I’ve seen. I also plan to be more of a “key articulator” as a result of having known Ashley Morris. That might be worth more than the laughter and fun that he brought to my life.

Remember Ashley Morris
April 10th, 2008 under Friends. [ Comments: 1 ]

Please help the wonderful family of Ashley Morris during their time of need.

You can donate here.

You can read about him at that site. I will post more later.

Rest in Peace My Friend
April 4th, 2008 under Friends. [ Comments: none ]

I’m probably one of the last New Orleans Bloggers to post about this. I was hoping it was a bad April Fool’s joke, but it’s not. My friend Ashley Morris died on April 2. I only met Ashley once, but talked to him on the phone several times. I may relate those stories later. Right now I just feel so numb. There’s so much crap that he should have written about these past few days. I really miss his humor, insight, and anger.

When I met him in person, he was not like I expected. He was happy, and funny and was having a blast with his kids. I hurt for them and his wife. Thanks for helping me, encouraging me, and inviting me to be your friend. Your passion for truth will live on through me. Your love for your family is already inspiring me to be a better dad and husband. I’ll miss you.

There are a couple of videos of Ashley posted here.

Barkus 2008
January 28th, 2008 under family, Friends, Holidaze, Mardi Gras, New Orleans. [ Comments: 1 ]

Once again we did Barkus with the Homan’s and Keith and Jeffrey. This year we left Chloe home since she doesn’t really enjoy it. We had a great time! I’m really tired and sore. I’m getting too old for this!

Hot Dang I Won Something!
December 8th, 2007 under Friends, Humor, New Orleans. [ Comments: 2 ]

Big month for me! Some Nigerian dude is sending me millions! Guess I’ll be able to pay off all my credit cards after Christmas.

I also won my own Adrastos Christmas mix CD! I actually have to share it (don’t know how that’s going to work) with Oyster. Adrastos held a contest to caption the picture below:

It’s a picture of NOLA Sanitation Director Veronica White and Sidney Torres, owner of SDT Waste and Debris Services.

My entry:
“Whitney Houston stars as the airhead lawyer who can’t tell the truth but fights for her smarmy client (played by Antonio Banderas) based on John Grisham’s latest The Street Sweeper. A thriller about the seedy trash business in New Orleans.”

Oyster’s entry:
“I am SO GLAD I stopped flipping boutique FQ hotels so I could ride black trucks and listen to Veronica drone on about why she doesn’t need to pay me.”

Thanks Adrastos! When my money from the Nigerian prince gets here I’ll buy you lunch!

Thanks B!
November 7th, 2007 under Friends. [ Comments: 1 ]

Editor BThanks to Editor B I now have all of the old posts back on my blog! All of the posts from 2005 are now accessible!

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