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God Told You What?
November 29th, 2007 under Christian Crap, Christianity, God, Hypocrisy, New Orleans, ORU, Politics. [ Comments: 1 ]

alanis1.jpgI get so tired of God telling people what to do!

Let me explain…

Oliver Thomas, our former councilperson convicted of bribery said this about God…

Thomas said he believes he is an instrument of God, who uses him “as a tool to help others.” Just a day earlier, he said, he helped extricate a woman who was trapped in her car, leaving scars on his hands.

But wait a minute:

As part of his plea bargain, Thomas agreed to provide information to prosecutors about other illegal activity he had to the government.

Thomas is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday.

But documents filed into the court record say that Thomas met twice with authorities and, during the second meeting, “indicated he did not wish to `rat’ on anyone and that his father and aunt did not wish him to be a ‘rat,”‘ according to a Nov. 13 letter from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

So does God want Oliver “I’m an instrument of God” Thomas to protect persons who are engaged in illegal activity? Don’t pretend to get all religious on us and then protect your corrupt buddies Oliver! God don’t like that!

Then there’s Richard Roberts of ORU.

As Becky points out, when allegations of Roberts’ extravagant spending at ORU came out, Richard said God told him to deny the allegations.

Seems that during the Thanksgiving holidays God had a change of heart! Now Richard says that God told him to resign.

Come on God! Get your story straight and quit telling folks to cover up corruption!

BTW–God did not tell me to write this. Actually, I think God was telling me to get back to work, but I had my earphones in.

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