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Happy Birthday Elvis Wherever You Are!
January 8th, 2006 under Holidaze, New Orleans, Shirley Jr, Vanderbilt. [ Comments: none ]

ElvisI had planned on returning to Nashville today, but my plans have changed. I just couldn’t handle Shirley Jr being in that awful school any longer. I enrolled her in Lusher and she’ll be back there on the 17th, but I really didn’t like her being in a school where bullies seem to go unchecked and teachers yell at kids. In fact, when she went to her room to turn in her books, her teacher was rude to her and didn’t even say goodbye, or we’ll miss you, or anything. I really don’t understand how a teacher could be like that. The saddest part is that Pittman is considered to be a good school. The walls are freshly painted, the office ladies are very nice and it appears to be a great place.

Oh, well. Lusher will be great and Shirley Jr is so looking forward to being back. I’ll head back to Nashville next weekend.

Happy Birthday Elvis wherever you are! We’re eating King Cake today in honor of you!

Blubbering Idiot
November 3rd, 2005 under Friends, Howie Jr, Katrina, Shirley, Shirley Jr, Vanderbilt, Xavier. [ Comments: 5 ]

FemaToday has been very difficult. It’s my first day back in Nashville. My time in New Orleans had its ups and downs. I arrived in NO Thursday and had a great time with Shirley! However, I received a call from the chair of my department that was very disturbing. (I don’t feel comfortable sharing info about work so call me if you have any questions-504-460-1354)
Shirley took Friday off and we went driving around NO. It was terrible. The east bank is still pretty much empty. Our trip down Carrollton was traumatic. Only a Subway Sandwich Shop was open. We saw very few people. We tried to go to my friend Gerald’s home but his street was blocked by Entergy workers. I wish that I’d been able to stop in because he had just learned that he had lost his job.
Saturday–Shirley, Shirley Jr, and I went to a cornfield maze outside of Slidell, LA. It was lots of fun. Shirley Jr got her face painted, painted a pumpkin, shot a corn cannon, went through the maze (with Shirley) and went on a hayride. It was so much fun being with them again! Unfortunately, while the girls were in the maze, I got a phone-call from another of my colleagues who had lost her job.
Sunday–we went to church. It was great to see our friends again. However, there were many who we didn’t see. We might not see many of them again. Even though our neighborhood did not sustain a lot of damage, many lost their jobs or left and won’t be back for other reasons. Churches in NO are in really bad shape. Some pastors are homeless. Some have literally no congregations.
Monday–sent a few resumes out. That’s so hard to do. Ate lunch with my pastor and listened to some really awful stories. Picked up Howie Jr from rugby practice and got to hear all about his latest athletic adventures. Hope he doesn’t get hurt. He seems to think it might be cool to tell people he broke his arm playing rugby. I don’t. That evening, we had a Halloween block party. With all the debris and empty houses it’s still dangerous to walk around at night. Shirley Jr had a wonderful time getting to know new people. I was jealous of the two ladies who work at Loyola and did not lose their jobs. They were getting pretty drunk and having a great time. I didn’t let it bother me too much because my girls were having a great time. The picture to the left was the best costume there.
Tuesday–headed back to Nashville. Got an encouraging call from my brother. Had a few beers at the Crescent Café, finished up some cover letters, watched NCIS and went to bed.
Today–hard to get up and get going. Went to Brueggers for breakfast. Started reading friends blogs and was overcome with emotion. One friend had decided to have children before Katrina and is now putting it off. Another friend feels guilty because he was not fired, but those who had been there before him were. I had emails from friends asking how I’m doing. I couldn’t get up the nerve to write them. Another friend emailed me and invited me to join them on Saturday. I wanted to go to the office, but I was afraid when the wonderful, caring receptionist asked me how my trip was I would start to cry. Oh hell, why wait? I started to cry right there. I’m sitting in Brueggers with my head down and tears streaming onto my laptop. I soon ran out of those sand-papery recycled napkins and started to use my sleeves. The assistant manager, who knows me pretty well, noticed me and shot me a look of concern. They were extremely busy. I rushed out and cried all the way to my room. I prayed for about 20 minutes and gathered my senses. I headed to the office with a present for my friend Lyn and her family. I received a call from my friend Michael on the way there. He’s such a great guy. I miss him so much. Maybe some day we’ll get together and spend $350 not catching fish again.
The receptionist was not at her desk when I came in. Thank God! I’m back to work and ok now. I appreciate the emails and call from my friends. They mean more to me than you can know. My family and I will be fine. It’s just not that easy some days.

You can view pictures of my trip here.

Cool Butterfly Pics
October 17th, 2005 under Photos, Vanderbilt. [ Comments: 5 ]

ButterflyI took this yesterday. You can find more here as well as some pictures I took around Skarritt Bennett Center where I am currently staying. I also took a few around the Vanderbilt Campus.

Go Commodors!
October 6th, 2005 under Vanderbilt. [ Comments: none ]

helmet On Saturday, I am headed to Nashville to begin work at Vanderbilt Divinity School. I’ve received an appointment as visiting scholar there so that I can continue my research. They have been most gracious and I’m looking forward to spending time in their library!


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